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Beyonce Slips Into TRANCE During Concert . . . Some Say . . . She Was POSSESSED BY SPIRIT!!!


MTO News learned that Beyonce slipped into a trance, in the middle of her Detroit On The Run tour date - and some are asking whether she was POSSESSED BY SOME TYPE OF SPIRIT. A person at the concert managed to capture a pic of Beyonce face, at the moment that she went into her "trance"

The image has begun circulating online, and all types of theories are sprouting up. Some people are suggesting that Beyonce may even have been "possessed" by some top of evil spirit.

Spiritual possession is a phenomenon in which a stray being from the Spirit World constantly or temporarily possesses and exerts negative influence on a person living on Earth. Most commonly they are known as ‘evil spirits’ and, although many people may scoff at the idea, the concept of spiritual possession is confirmed by the Christian Bible..

Neither Beyonce, nor her team, have spoken out and explained exactly what HAPPENED to Bey during the concert.

We're trying to locate video showing the incident . . .