Beyonce has always been a curvy chick. But now her body looks very Kardashian-ish.

And a new pic of Bey suggests that Jay Z's wife recently purchased herself a brand new butt.

Here's the image that has people talking. It's from the campaign for her new Ivy Park Adidas line:


Beyonce's fans are openly speculating on social media that she got a "mommy makeover" shortly after the birth of her twins.

Bey has been open about gaining a lot of weight during her last pregnancy. She recently told a mag that two years after their birth, she was still struggling to lose her baby weight.

Well Beyonce appears to have found a more non-traditional way of losing the baby fat - by having it sucked out and injected into your butt.

Brazilian butt lifts, or BBLs as they are commonly referred to, are now the most common plastic surgery operations undergone by Black women. In 2019 the operation surpassed liposuction and nose jobs, as the most requested cosmetic surgical procedure.