Beyonce Knowles is pregnant -  and it's official! For weeks there has been speculation - mostly by Beyonce's most ardent fans - that the Queen is pregnant.

Well yesterday, Beyonce confirmed her fans' suspicions.

Beyonce attended Jay Z's annual Made In America event in Philadelphia - and she didn't even attempt to hide her massive baby bump.

It was a special day for Beyonce because many of her friends and family members including Jay-Z gathered at the Made in America festival to sing her a happy birthday.

The Texas diva was casually dressed as she watched her loved-ones sing, and she eventually blew the candles on her birthday cake, (her actual birthday is on the 4th of September).

Here's a video showing Bey's stomach:

The "Irreplaceable" singer turns 38 on Wednesday, September 4.

Beyonce and her billionaire husband Jay Z currently have three children. Their eldest is Blue Ivy Carter, who is 7. Hip Hop's first couple also have twin 2 year olds - Sir and Rumi Carter.

This pregnancy would be Beyonce's 4th child. And the number 4, holds a special place for Bey and Jay. The couple believe that 4 is their lucky number.

Here are a few reasons why the two are obsessed with the number 4:

Jay Z was born on December 4, 1969

Beyonce was born on September 4, 1981

They were Married on 4-4-2008

Their eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter's middle name, Ivy, is a phonetic reference to the roman numeral form of four, I-V.