Beyonce Photo's Out . . . Wearing a FREAKUM Dress . . . And Showing Off Her LEGS!!

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Beyonce is BACK to Queen status. For the past two weeks, Bey's been BREAKING THE INTERNET - with her amazing Coachella performances.

Well now that Coachella is over, she was spotted out relaxing with some of her girlfriends, including Michelle and Kelly.

The gals were out attending the Dundas brand opening in West Hollywood. Beyoncé wore a FREAKUM dress with heels as Kelly opted for a silver sequin jumper.


Bey's on top of the world after BREAKING THE INTERNET with her two fantastic Coachella performances. We're all still shook from the double performance. 

The Los Angeles Times said, "Everyone has made a point to say how 'explicitly black' the show was, and while I appreciate that Beyoncé has always been so inherently black and southern in her work," said Michael Arceneaux "[Coachella] was really special because it felt like a culmination of her entire career."

The report continued:

Beyoncé played directly to her black audience, with every element of her show steeped in cultural meaning that showed a singer not just elevating her craft but going through great lengths to pay homage to those that came before her — a bold approach from a performer whose every move dominates the pop cultural conversation. And Beyoncé's steadfast determination to bolster her own audience rather than extend a hand to a new one has elevated her to near mythic status.

She took a risk and built a visually grand set immersed in blackness — a performance about educating as much as it was spectacle. It was a conscious decision by the singer who, according to her mother, wanted "to do what's best for the world and not what is most popular."