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BUSTED BEY!!! Beyonce Looks HAGGARD On Beach With Husband . . . What Happened To Her . . . The Tour Must Be WEARING HER OUT!!


The paparazzi snapped a pic of Beyonce taking a walk on the beach in Hawaii. She was looking haggard and just all around NOT GOOD.

Something ain't right with Bey. We've seen her look off before - but never this bad.

The good news is that Beyonce and Jay Z are spending even more time together. After Beyonce put out her "Lemonade" song and Becky with the good hair, we thought it was OVAH. But Beyonce and Jay Z have been putting up a strong public front, with romantic walks, dates and outings with their daughter Blue Ivy.

Guess all those PDAs are leaving Bey TIRED.