BEYONCE THE HATER???? Beyonce Covers Up The APPLE LOGO On Her iPhone With A CUSTOM STICKER . . . Do You Think It's HATE . . . Or She's Promoting Her New ALBUM!! (PICS)


Beyonce was spotted out yesterday taking a romantic stroll with husband Jay Z. And she showed off her new iPhone accessory.

As you probably know, her husband Jay Z is in a PUBLIC WAR with Apple. His company Tidal is competing with Apple Music in the ultra competitive music streaming industry.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that Bey covered up the Apple Logo, with a LEMON - for her new LEMONADE album.

This show of unity is a refreshing change of pace for Beyonce and Jay Z. They seemed on the brink of divorce last month when Beyonce released that first drop of LEMONADE and the two were spotted not wearing their wedding rings. Now we know that the two were just diving into more of their brilliant marketing to keep themselves the MOST INTERESTING and RELEVANT celebrity couple on the planet.