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Beyonce fans are upset with her new holiday collection - because it's not very "holiday."

Beyoncé‘s 2018 holiday collection is a lot more pared down than the one she launched last year. Whereas 2017’s was comprised of all kinds of items (including onesies, wrapping paper, hoodies, sweatshirts and more), this year’s is a lot tighter. The singer only added 10 pieces to her 2018 holiday merch collection.

The new collection, which just went on sale, is entirely black and neon. Those aren't exactly Christmas colors.

And that's not all. The imagery on the clothes doesn't inspire the holidays either; Beyonce's face is on most of the pieces.

The only way that you'd know that the collection was Christmas-inspired are the words "Holidayonce" on the clothing.

We shouldn't be all that surprised about Beyonce - neither her nor Jay Z are Christians. And many have suggested that she has unorthodox occult religious beliefs.

Here is what she's releasing:


If you remember, two years ago Beyoncé released a clever and cool line of sweatshirts emblazoned with the words I Sleigh All Day, in celebration of holidays and, of course, the release of her award-winning album Lemonade—and subsequently, the introduction of the word slay into the American-English lexicon.

Guess they're not in the Christmas spirit this year.