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Beyonce Fans Are STAGING A REVOLT  . . . They Don't Like Her NEW TOUR!! (Details)


Beyonce's fans - aka the Beyhive - are some of the most LOYAL fans on the planet. But we're starting to see some CRACKS in their loyal following of Queen Bee.

Beyonce and Jay Z are currently on their new On The Run II tour - and it's selling out stadiums all across America. But some of Bey's most LOYAL fans are upset with how the tour is going down.


The most common complaints include:

*No new music
*Same set list
*Some of the same outfits
*Bland Merch
*No wifi
*Not wanting to see jay z
*Beyonce seeming tired while dancing, her energy was off/lacking, half dancing, half singing songs and being less prepared than usual for this tour.

So what's going on? Well according to some usually RELIABLE Beyonce fan social media accounts, the rumor is things were changed at the last min. for this tour bc they decided not to release a new album.

But there are others who think this was slapped together to help Jay Z with his live nation deal fulfillment

Besides that people have been making fun of the imagery for the tour, particularly some photographs of Jay and Bey in bed together seemingly NUDE. 

The images are a part of Beyonce and Jay's new TOUR BOOK. It is contained along with a bunch of other pics, including ones that show the pair smoking weed together . . . and raising their twins also.

In the photo, "Jay is shirtless and puffing on a cigar in the background, while his R&B superstar wife is adorned in only a thong and is reading the newspaper. One person who posted the photo on Instagram commented, "Dear #Beyonce: I was not ready!!! #BreakfastInBed #JayZ #OnTheRunTourBook." There's another photo that shows both Bey and Jay in their birthday suits, with Hov caressing his queen's naked body."

Click here to see the NUDE photos Jay and Bey shared for their tour.