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Beyonce And Jay Z's New Album Is FLOPPING . . . And The BEY HIVE Blames JAY Z!!


For the last 20 years - every time Beyonce released an album - it went NUMBER ONE on the charts. Well for the first time - she came in SECOND PLACE. New preliminary numbers show that Beyonce & Jay Z's new album came in BEHIND Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Beyonce and Jay Z's new album Everything Is Love is amazing, and the songs are FANTASTIC. But Jay & Byey decided to drop it as a "surprise" album - and they didn't give it proper promotion. Additionally, they ONLY released it on Tidal for the first few days - which hurt its sales.

Here is the proof:

But Beyonce's fans are not BLAMING Tidal or marketing - they are blaming JAY Z for the fiasco. Look:

Despite not reaching number one on the charts, Pitchfork still wrote a great review of the album. Rating it an 8.2 out of 10. They said:

The Carters remain billionaires who are not interested in leaving their blackness behind, and that, in some ways, is renegade—even if capitalism isn’t salvation. It’s what makes a song like “BLACK EFFECT,” an explicit ode to black excellence set to a soulful soundscape courtesy of Miami producer duo Cool & Dre, so powerful. They’re still using their platform to acknowledge the history—through the names Kalief Browder, Trayvon Martin, Sarah Baartman, MLK, Malcolm X—and the current condition of black people through affirmation and critiques of appropriation and police brutality.