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Beyonce was at yesterday's Kobe Bryant Memorial Service, and she was amazing. Beyonce and Vanessa Bryant have been friends for many years. So Bey was not just there as a performer, she was there as a friend as she actually knew both Kobe and Gigi personally.

And Beyonce gave an amazing and soul felt performance to close out the memorial.

But some folks who were at the Kobe Bryant memorial, are saying that Beyonce was behaving like a "diva" the entire time. She is also being criticized for refusing to wear Black at the service.

Beyonce is not known for diva like behavior unlike many of her A-list counterparts and is often praised for her kindness to fans and those working around her. But yesterday she exhibited some dive like behavior by prohibiting photographers from taking pictures of her at the event.

Photographers were already made aware that they were not take pictures of Kobe's children, so they may be given the space to grieve without cameras, which is understandable. Then Beyonce's team forced photographers to agree that they would not take pictures of her as well, which is a bit unusual.

And Beyonce's choice of attire also caused some controversy. While every single member of Kobe's family, and his friends were all in Black - Beyonce chose to wear a bright yellow outfit - which made her stand out in the crowd.

Some of Kobe's fans - especially on social media - are a little upset with Beyonce for wearing yellow instead of black. They believe that she was trying to steal the spotlight at the memorial service, or just be different at a moment when it was not about Beyonce. Rather it was about Kobe and the Bryant family.