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Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump clapped back at Brandi Glanville after she made comments on her podcast that LVP handed Camille Grammer a script to read on the reunion show.

“First, @CamilleGrammar speaks for herself, we have seen that,” she tweeted.

Her tweet was in response to Brandi saying the following on her podcast:

“Let’s be 1000 percent clear, Camille came in with a script and all of it was written by Lisa Vanderpump. She came in with bullet points she had to get out. [Lisa] wrote it. I know Lisa. So Lisa’s last act as a housewife was to make sure that if she’s going down, bitches are going down with her.”

LVP also added that she doesn't care if Brandi returned to the franchise after Brandi revealed that a producer told her that they would not bring her back out of loyalty to LVP.

Brandi is desperate to rejoin the show.