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BET Under Fire For Praising Lil Nas X 'GAY KISS' At BET Awards!!

The BET Awards was a sort of a "coming out" party for rapper Lil Nas X - who has been doing any and everything lately. The rapper, whose fan base consists of almost all children - has been consistently pushing the envelope - and sexualizing both himself and his music.


And yesterday he pushed the envelope again, by tongue kissing a man during his performance of "Montero." Lil Nas X was the first artist - gay or straight - to tongue kiss someone during a performance at the BET Awards. So it was unprecedented on many levels.

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Diddy seemed to like Lil Nas X's kiss:

And while many are praising Lil Nas X's "kiss" like Diddy, many on social media felt that it was inappropriate and are concerned about the messaging. Some fans are even saying they may launch a boycott of BET for airing the "kiss."