BET AWARD SCANDAL!!! BET Gave Remy Ma The 'BEST FEMALE' Award . . . In Exchange For Remy Agreeing . . . To Do 'SOMETHING FOR THEM'!!! (Wow . . . Could BET Be . . . This SHADY??)


Last night, Remy Ma won the BEST FEMALE HIP HOP ARTIST award at the BET AWARDS. And in our opinion, she deserved it - for having such a GREAT YEAR.

But now there is a SCANDAL BREWING surrounding how and WHY she received the award. spoke with a person BEHIND THE SCENES at BET - and they explained exactly WHAT is going on.

The insider explained, "BET was negotiating with REMY MA and PAPOOSE to get them to sign on to a new reality show - about their marriage and trying to conceive a child. The negotiations were going well, but shortly before the deal got closed - we were told that REMY would be winning the BET Award for BEST FEMALE HIP HOP artist."

MTO's snitch continued, "I'm not saying that Remy didn't deserve it, it's just that the whole thing looks SHADY. Remy beats Nicki and then they announce Remy's getting a new reality show on the network." CONFIRMED that BET and Remy and Pap have come to an AGREEMENT on the terms of their new show. Remy and Pap will NOT be returning for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop.