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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Texas Millionaire Hires TWO SKRIPPERS . . . For His Son's 12th BIRTHDAY PARTY . . . And We Have The VIDEO!! (Is This Good Parenting . . . Or ABUSE??)


A well-known MILLIONAIRE from Texas is coming under fire for allegedly hiring strippers to perform at his 12-year-old son’s birthday.

And there's VIDEO footage of the birthday party, which took place in Texas. The video shows two exotic dancers performing for the boy.

In one short segment, the boy appears uncomfortable while two strippers dance for him and rub their breasts against his face.

Several Spanish-language news outlets have reported on the video, the father is believed to be a VERY RICH Mexican-American businessman.

The website claims that they are not willing to disclose FURTHER information regarding the dad.

The video shows the boy sitting on a chair while two female exotic dancers perform.

One of them is sitting in the boy’s lap and another is standing behind him.

Here is the link to the video