Bernice Burgos gave a "fan" a piece of her mind on Instagram yesterday after the fan made comments about Burgos' obvious surgery.

Burgos posted a booty pic, rocking a yellow cropped hoodie and tight black shorts. Her waist to booty ratio is off the charts. That's when a friendly troll decided to weigh in on Burgos' assets.

"Girl it's almost 2019 i promise it's okay to say surgery 😩"

That's when Burgos clapped back with:

"you're right... I never denied it . BUT i's almost 2019 do YOU want my doctors number boo? 🧐"

With or without surgery, Burgos looks great for her age. Her ample assets bought or not, have helped her land Migos rapper Quavo (but not for too long.) She was also rumored to be responsible for a breakup between T.I. and his wife, Tiny and even hopped onto social media to clown her.

We think that's the real reason she receives so much hate.