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Benzino Denies Coi Leray Is A Better Rapper Than Him

In a new interview, Benzino became upset when a blogger told him that his daughter Coi Leray is more successful as a rapper than he ever was.

"Coi, as a rapper -- not as an executive, not as a businessman -- but as a rapper, she's bigger than Benzino ever was, as a rapper. How does that make you feel to see your own blood ..." the VladTV said.

Benzino cut him off.

"Well, well, well, well, I was number 19 on the charts. She hasn't passed 19. I think she was maybe 26 or 20. 'No More Parties' didn't pass 'Rock The Party.' 'Rock The Party' 19 on Billboard, 'No More Parties' was 26 so, dad's still got that one. Dad's still got that right there," he said.

In her single "No More Parties," Coi Leray throws shots at her rapper dad.

"My daddy got me down/ But I promise you I won't let 'em/ I wanna say 'f*ck that man' but the sh*t won't make me better," she rapped.