Earlier this week, we reported that Benzino is currently facing 15 years in prison for drug charges - he has finally broken his silence.

Speaking to TMZ, Benzino talked openly about his case:

“Cobb County, Georgia is one of the most racist counties—not just in Georgia, but in America, number one.

“Number two, I was at my penthouse apartment about a year and a half ago, maybe a little more and two police officers come to the apartment. They had a warrant on another man, I don’t know who this guy is. The guy had been living next door to me, but he had moved out. The doorman downstairs told them that the guy moved out, he doesn’t live here anymore. So, they went upstairs with the warrant for that guy next door to me.

He told TMZ that all the officers found was a roach and a gummy bear (edibles). He insists that they have nothing on him and is even threatening to sue once all of this is over.

“[Cobb County court] is used to screwing people who really can’t afford to get their own lawyer. They’re used to screwing people over who are really ignorant to the system, but I’m not having that. I’m going to trial, I’m going to be exonerated, and after that, I’ll sue them.”

Watch his explanation below: