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Benzino Arrested For Altercation W/ Althea Heart's New BF!!

Benzino was reportedly arrested after he got into a physical altercation with ex-girlfriend Althea Heart's new man.

Althea's new man was reportedly approached by Benzino while the new couple was taking a stroll through the neighborhood. Benzino then began to harass and threaten him, TMZ reports.

When Althea and her new man tried to leave the scene in his car Benzino continued to threaten then before striking the truck multiple times with his fist. Cops told TMZ that there were two dents in the driver's side door as a result.

Benzino is currently still in jail on a bail of $8450 -- but he says he was in Althea's neighborhood to watch his son play tennis when "a male came up to him and told him he was going to shoot him." He denied damaging the man's truck but several other witnesses say he did.

He was booked on one count of criminal damage second degree and one count of disorderly conduct.