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Yesterday MTO reported that NBA baller Ben Simmons had split from his supermodel girlfriend, Kendall Jenner - but according to reports - it may not be permanent.

A source close to Simmons talked to HollywoodLife about the reasons for the split, and it seems that the basketball player wants to focus on his career.

"For Ben to lose in the playoffs and especially the way they did with a buzzer beater shot was gut wrenching. The team and Ben had so much riding on this year to be an amazing championship caliber year that since it ended the way it did really gutted everyone. Ben knew he wasn’t going to be a good person to be around with this summer since it really is going to stay with him and haunt him for awhile,” the source told HL.

But the mutual split may only be temporary says the source:

“Its not something that is for sure permanent. For time being they are going to live separate lives and see if absence makes the heart grow fonder or not. There wasn’t a big blow out or anything like that and there is a great chance they could get back together in the future but right now it was just something that wasn’t going to work and luckily they both are mature enough to realize that.”

The couple were extremely private about their relationship, which is unlike the Kar-Jenner clan Simmons ended his relationship with Tinashe last year to date Jenner.