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Kendall Jenner and her NBA baller Ben Simmons broke up, because Kendall was a "hoe" who disrespected his mother - according to Ben Simmons' sister Liv.

Liv went on Twitter, and broke down the reasons that her NBA superstar brother allegedly broke up with the Kardashian sister. While she didn't specifically name Kendall in the Tweets, she all but confirmed that she was talking about Kendall, when fans questioned her about it.

First off, she called Kendall a "hoe" who "worked her way through the league." Kendall was accused of dating dozens of NBA players and rappers over the past couple of years. But Kendall claims that her body count is much lower. According to the slender Kardashian, she only dated 2 NBA players.

But then Liv gave more details on the breakup. According to Liv, Kendall "disrespected" Ben's mother. It's not clear what Kendall did to Mrs Simmons that Liv deemed to be "disrespectful."

Here are pics of Liv, Ben, and their mom:


Here's whats he wrote:

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