Ben Simmons BROKE UP With Tinashe . . . She Was 'DOING KARDASHIAN SH*T'!!!

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MTO News has confirmed that NBA star Ben Simmons and R*B singer Tinashe have separated. According to a person close to Ben, Tinashe was "doing Kardashian sh*t."

One of Ben's homies explained why Ben had to CUT his R&B songstress girlfriend loose. The insider explained, "She is way to public with everything. They just started dating and this girl is calling up paparazzi and sh*t like that."

The insider tolf MTO News, "That's some real Kardashian sh*t. And Ben's not trying to be Kanye."

And we independently confirmed this report , with RECEIPTS (below). It's NOT rumor, it's FACT.

First, MTO News confirmed that  Ben has deleted ALL of the pics of Tinashe from his social media accounts.

Additionally, we're not the only one hearing that Tinsashe got DROPPED because of her fan-girl antics.

Tinashe previously spoke to the media QUICKLY about her relationship with Ben saying, “He’s like my full boyfriend, I guess,” she continued. “Yeah, you heard it here first … It was official before it was on the 'Gram; that was just when everyone else found out.”

Tinashe continues to catch L's because her latest album called "Joyride" FLOPPED hard. 

Pitchfork described the album as, "The long-delayed second album from Tinashe includes a handful of bulletproof bops but has arrived as a fragmented vision of the popstar’s many talents." They continued with the brutal review, "following an elongated stretch of PR nightmares, canceled tours, and a stopgap companion mixtape, Joyride arrives with less than half of the seven singles released in promotion for it."