Bella Hadid & The Weeknd Still On 'Good Terms' 1 Year After Breakup


Model Bella Hadid and ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd are reportedly still on "good terms" more than a year after their public breakup.

"They'll always have some sort of connection but things just didn't work out and it was bad timing," a source told HollywoodLife. "They're both still young so who knows what the future holds and they've always remained on good terms, but they're just on different pages at this point."

Bella had obviously been the muse for many of his songs, but it's good that two are able to be mature about the break up and move forward in a healthy way.

"Abel was always like part of Bella's family when they were dating. He would play his songs for her mom, Yolanda, her sister Gigi and brother Anwar before dropping them to get their opinions and Bella used to think it was hilarious at Yolanda's reaction because sometimes they were too over the top for her taste. But that just shows how comfortable he was with her family."