Man MURDERING Girlfriend's 3 Year Old Daughter . . . PUNCHED Her In The Stomach So Hard . . . Her Organ's 'EXPLODED'!!

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A DISGUSTING news story is making the rounds today - from out of New York City.

Police charged Mark Jenkins with murdering his 3yr old stepdaughter Bella Edwards. Bella was found unconscious in her home after police were called to a call of an unresponsive child.

When they got to the apartment, they tried to revive the toddler but she died, and the paramedics witnessed clear signs of abuse about her body that could’ve contributed to her death. Doctors are saying that she was hit so hard in the body, that her organs ruptured.

Mark, Bella's mother's husband was the last person to see the girl alive, so of course, all signs pointed to him.

Bella's mom was questioned by police through the night and into the morning, along with her husband, Mark.

Mark was the only adult with Bella for most of the day, police sources said.

Bella's mom left the apartment at about 9 a.m. She returned about 5 p.m. and found Bella unconscious in her bed about a half-hour later, sources said.

“Our top priority is protecting the safety and well-being of all children in New York City. As soon as this family came to our attention last night, we immediately launched an investigation with the NYPD, and we secured the safety of the other child in this home,” ACS Deputy Commissioner for External Affairs Eric Ferrero said in a statement.