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BEIGE RAGE!! DJ Envy From The Breakfast Club . . . Presses Comedians LIVE ON THE AIR . . . For DISRESPECTING HIS WIFE!!

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DJ Envy from The Breakfast Club was ready to FIGHT his former friends, comedians Desus and Mero.
The comedians made some very DISRESPECTFUL comments about his wife. And Envy was ready FOR THAT FADE.

They started the interview off all wrong. Envy introduces them from the offset as “D-ckhead” and “P-ssy,” and then demanded that they apologize to him for implying that his wife was only with his for money.

As they got into it, Envy eventually got up and walked out. The usually mild-mannered host was having none of it.

Hot 97 host Ebro then chimed in online saying:

“Envy walked off his own show? 🤣🤣🔥…. Amazing marketing! The Viceland x iHeart promo machine working overtime…. Desus & Mero nicest people too!! 🤣🤣🔥”

“It was staged when u walked off here too…. U knew it would get promo @JoeBudden”

But Envy denied the claims and responded:

“Smh… You of all people know me… You was there the last time some 1 said something crazy about my family… And @JoeBudden we spoke about it.. we don’t need the marketing ”

When it comes to people in the spotlight, the general rule is that spouses and kids are always off limits but in the age of social media, it hardly ever is.

Check out the interview below. Did they cross the line?

Listen . . .