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Beenie Man Blasts Billboard For Leaving Him & Bounty Killer Off Cover

Beenie Man took to social media to call out Billboard after they left him off the cover of 'The Verzuz Effect.'

Anyone who actually followed the Verzuz battle knows that the Beenie Verzuz Bounty Killer battle is pivotal in redefining the viewing experience.

The pair were the first to battle face to face -- the first real good quality match sonically and had the most vibes.

Swizz agreed and reposted a photoshopped edition of the cover with Beenie and Bounty front and center.

Beenie was not happy at the publication.

"When will DANCEHALL get it's recognition???? Nuh matter how the impact, no matter the hard work, no matter how powerful the music is, them still try it everytime them get a chance. Ah time now man. #FixUp. Don't try undermine the thing .#Dancehall," he wrote.

He continued, "Big up Swizz & Timz but this is what our genre face! Everybody fwd and tek piece and build up dem thing and then do everything to undermine the genre DANCEHALL where they got it from."