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Beautiful TV News Anchor Ayesha Faines Dies MYSTERIOUSLY; Possible Foul Play??

Gorgeous TV news and traffic anchor, Ayesha Faines, passed away suddenly on Friday, MTO News has learned. The sudden nature of her death - along with her very young age - has people asking questions however.

Right now those close to Ayesha are keeping mum about her cause of death. However, MTO News is hearing reports that some suspect possible foul play.

Here's Ayesha showing off her keen intellect and wit:

Ayesha was best known for being a featured panelist on The Grapevine Show, which is a millennial web series. She was also a journalist for local titles such as News4Jax and My9TV, and had other bylines in publications such as MTV.

Ayesha graduated from Yale University, according to her Insider profile.

Ayesha was also a former TV journalist. She worked on-air as a reporter for WJXT-TV 4 in Jacksonville, Florida and My9TV/FOX in the New York City media market.

Many people flooded social media with condolences for the writer, with one saying "the lost of this woman will be felt for generations."