Female rapper Saweetie - aka the 'Icy Girl' - narrowly avoided a serious wardrobe malfunction while leaving a "Birds of Prey" Special Event at the Dream Hotel last night.

Unfortunately for her, she did have a "minor" one.

Saweetie was at the Los Angeles hotel to celebrate her upcoming soundtrack in the movie Birds Of Prey. And she arrived wearing a very sexy outfit.

Saweetie - who is widely seen as the most "beautiful" of all the current female rappers - wore an extra short skirt. And as she was exiting her SUV, she accidentally gave the onlookers a little reveal.

Naturally, the thirsty paparazzi were there and waiting like buzzards. They snapped hundreds of pics, hoping to see Saweetie's . . . you know.

But Saweetie kept her calm - and made sure that her "reveal" was only a minor one.

While the images did show a little of Migos rapper Quavo's girlfriend's undergarments, she managed to keep her modesty intact.

Here are the images:


Saweetie was born Diamonté Harper on July 2, 1993, to a Filipino-Chinese mother and an African-American father. She grew up largely in Hayward, California and spent much of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area but finished high school in Elk Grove, California attending Monterey Trail High School. She began writing music at age 14. After high school, she went on to attend San Diego State University before transferring to the University of Southern California where she studied communications and business. After graduating, she began to focus on her rap career.