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Beautiful & Powerful Black Corporate Lawyer KILLED By The 'Thug' She Was Dating

31 year old Courtney Cox had it all. She was a successful corporate litigator at the powerhouse law firm of Paul Hastings in Atlanta. She was beautiful, well respected, made a lot of money and had a very promising future.


Courtney was sadly killed yesterday, by a man whom she began dating a few weeks ago - Jarvis Jarrette. And MTO News has learned that Jarvis is being described by people who knew him on social media as a "thug" or a "street dude."

It's not clear why a high powered lawyer would want to date a "thug" - but sometimes decisions of the heart don't make sense.


According to police, Jarvis murdered Courtney inside of her luxury high-rise apartment on Peachtree in Midtown Atlanta, MTO News has learned.

MTO News learned that police say Jarvis shot and killed Courtney inside her Atlantic House Midtown luxury apartment sometime after three in the morning.

"It appears that the suspect was inside the apartment," Deputy Chief Charles Hampton said. "There was no forced entry or anything like that."

But Jarvis didn't just KILL the beauty . . . the alleged "thug" then got into a deadly shootout with police, MTO News has learned.

Police say Jarvis then started firing a rifle at first responders from the balcony on the 21st floor.

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At one point, investigators said he jumped from balcony to balcony, firing shots inside and outside the building, shooting up several units.

His reckless discharge of shots could have killed dozens of innocent people, MTO News learned.

"As we were getting the information through 911, our dispatchers could hear gunfire being played throughout the building," Chief Rodney Bryant said.

At least one officer returned fire and police later found Jarvis dead on a balcony. It's not clear whether he was gunned down by officers, or he committed suicide.

The Paul Hastings Law Firm told the media that Courtney had been an associate with them since 2016.

In a statement, they said:

"Courtney was a dear friend and colleague to our personnel here in Atlanta and throughout the Firm. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy.