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A beautiful New York City police officer is going viral all over social media. The officer - who goes by the name Joelle - looks more like an Insta-model than a police officer.

Officer Joelle first went viral, when a man took a video of her - and called her the most "beautiful" cop. The lovely officer seemed to take the man's compliment in stride. She smiled from ear-to-ear for the camera.

And her partner even rolled down the window in their police cruiser, so that the fan could get a better shot of the pretty cop.

The video quickly went viral and was seen by thousands of people:

MTO News did a quick search on Instagram, and found Joelle's Instagram.

On Joelle's Insta-account are pics of the cop letting her hair down while off-duty. In the pictures, she's wearing bikinis and going on exotic vacations. There are also pics showing that Joelle is a college graduate.

Here are some of the images: