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A beautiful 21yr old young woman from Houston recently went to live in Natchez, Mississippi with a family friend and was killed over the weekend.

Police say Alisha Justice, 21, died in a shooting while catching a ride from a young man she had just recently met. 

She was in Mississippi for just two weeks & had absolutely nothing to do with the victims/suspects beef. 

It appears the shooters shot into the vehicle she was riding in & shot both her and the guy that was their intended target - Tavonte White, 23 dead.

Between 2 and 3 a.m. Friday morning, the victim’s were in a car together on E Franklin Street, when shots were fired. The car crashed at the intersection of E Franklin Street and Auburn Avenue at the Stewpot.

Investigators found their bodies at the location. Natchez police are actively investigating.

Now her family wants help in finding out who did this to her. If ANYONE from that area has any info or clues that can help then contact the local authorities, even if you prefer to do so anonymously.