Beautiful IVY LEAGUE College Student Is Mysteriously MISSING From Campus . . . FACEBOOK FRIEND . . . Says She Was Last Seen 'NEAR THE PROJECTS'!! (Did The HOOD Get HER??)


A beautiful African American IVY LEAGUE student at Columbia University is missing, and her family and friends FEAR THE WORST.

Nayla Kidd is a 19 year old Columbia University sophomore, who majors in applied science. Police say that the extremely smart Nayla was last seen at the Ivy League school’s Morningside Heights campus on May 5th.

Nayla is a thin framed girl, 5-foot-9, 120 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. She is from Louisville, Ky., where her mother, La Creis Kidd is an associate professor at the University of Louisville.

A person claiming to know Nayla, disputed the police claim that she was last seen on campus. The person said on Facebook that Nayla was last seen 'near the projects.' There are a number of public housing projects near Columbia, including the Grant Houses.