One of the most popular Instagram models - has just been outed as an alleged  transgender, MTO News has learned.

The gorgeous model Aliyah Jazmine had more than 500,000 followers - before she abruptly shut down her Instagram account yesterday. 

And her followers were filled with some of the most famous men in the world. Kevin Durant followed the beauty, along with rappers like Future, Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

Yesterday, a person on Reddit claimed that Aliyah was trans - and posted pics, allegedly showing her from her days as "Daniel."


There is an ongoing societal debate taking place - concerning whether a trans person has an obligation to tell men of their complicated sexuality. Some in the trans community believe that transgenders have NO obligation to disclose to men that they're trans - even men they date.

Here is the beauty now:

Here's some discussion from her fans, after she was allegedly outed as trans: