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Beautiful INSTA-THOT Arrested . . . Used 'KISSING DRUG' . . .  Then ROBBED Men!!


A beautiful Instagram model is being accused of meeting rich men in clubs, drugging them and stealing more than $100,000 worth of their cash and jewelry authorities said Thursday

Police charged Ocsetta Tinsley, 22, with robbing three men in the past year, police said.

Police claim that Ocsette would dissolve a drug in her mouth and then kiss the victims’ - transferring the drug to them, according to prosecutors. It's not clear why she was not effected by the drug.

Police arrested Ocsetta in front of the Dream Hotel last week, when a cop recognized her from a wanted picture.

Police claim that Ocsetta's latest lick was on June 16, when she accompanied a 29-year-old man to his room at the Dream Hotel. Police say that he drugged him, while inside the room, and made off with his $26,000 Royal Oak Chronograph Audemars Piguet watch after he passed out.

Six days earlier, she picked up a 52-year-old man and allegedly drugged him. Police say that when he woke up was missing his $20,000 Rolex and $300 cash.

Last year was Ocsetta's first lick, a 44-year-old invited her back to his apartment, where she stole five pieces of jewelry worth $79,500, authorities said.

Tinsley is charged with grand larceny and weapons possession because she was carrying a gravity knife when she was arrested, police said.

She being held on $75,000 bail, could be responsible for three similar incidents in Brooklyn and Queens — and she has pending robbery cases in Dallas and Los Angeles, prosecutors said