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BBC Documentary On South Africa . . . Men PROUDLY Admit Raping Girls . . . Spreading HIV!!

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A new BBC documentary titled My Neighbor The Rapist is showing DISTURBING IMAGES of South African men. In the show, show men proudly admit to raping women and spreading HIV.

One man, known only as David, from Diepsloot in Gauteng, was interviewed by crime reporter Golden Mtika for the BBC documentary. David admitted to being a rapist and deliberately spreading HIV.

“I’m HIV, so I want to spread the HIV,” he said.

Mtika who said David was his childhood friend, said he had previously saved David from mob justice in Diepsloot.

In the documentary, the reporter asks David how he feels that he gave his former girlfriend HIV.

“I feel okay,” answers David.

In the same interview, he admits having raped about 21 or 24 women.

Asked if he uses protection, David said: “No… I didn’t use any protection…I know I’m HIV positive so I want to spread that HIV. I feel good because I can’t die alone.”

He then tells the reporter that he can’t stay three days without sex because he is “a powerful guy”. The reporter asks him if he thinks he is a dangerous man in the society, and David answers, “they are scared of me…they know I can take action anytime”.

The reporter proceeds to ask David if he was ever sexually abused while he was growing up and David replied: “Yes, I was around 14 or 15 years old at the time, the police started to treat me like a wife, then have sex with me…so I learnt it from there and started doing it outside.”