Battle Rapper Tsu Surf SHOT In Newark . . . In STABLE CONDITION!!

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MTO News confirmed last night that battle rap superstar Tsu Surf was shot by an unknown assailant in his home city of Newark New Jersey. According to reports, Tsu was rushed  to the hospital immediately after the shooting and underwent EMERGENCY surgery.

The surgery was a success, and he appears that he will make it. It's not clear, however, what if any, permanent damage was done by the gunshots.

Online reports suggest that Tsu Surf was shot "multiple" times, and they claim that the shooting looked to be an "organized hit." The reports say that Tsu was NOT robbed, and that theer was no conflict before the shots were fired.

Details surrounding the shooting are still unclear, as it 's still early in the investigation. We will follow up with any updates.

Tsu Surf (aka Tsunami Surf, aka Mister Basketball) is a Newark, New Jersey based rapper known for his strong lyrical aggression and wordplay. Tsu Surf is credited as a veteran of the Battle Rap arena and is known for many of his performances in SMACK/URL events. He revealed that the "surf" in his rap name is derived from his childhood skating hobby. Tsu Surf Newark new album has made him a force in the rap game! According to reports he is also allegedly a member of the Rolling 60 Neighborhood Crip in Newark.

In January the local rapper was released from jail after he was locked up last year for what is believed to be aggravated assault charges. The Gun Titles rapper is known throughout battle rap for already having two gun charges prior to his most recent arrest.

Hopefully he recovers swiftly.