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Battle Rapper Math Hoffa Turns On Bloggers For Reporting On Rape Allegations

Battle rapper Math Hoffa is dividing the battle rap scene after he turned on several well-known bloggers for covering the rap allegations made against him -- even though they were defending him.

Hoffa posted a video, attacking bloggers and calling for his fans to stop watching their video blogs on YouTube. He accused them of gossiping and of being "counterproductive" to the culture.

He also says they've cost him a large bag.

Hoffa hit the headlines last month after Queen KeeKee claimed that she was raped by him at a hip hop event. Queen Kee Kee told fans about her alleged violation on Instagram, and according to her, she also told law enforcement about her attack.

Hoffa denies all allegations against him. Several battle rap bloggers posted videos, disputing her story and asking for evidence -- seemingly having his back... but that did not appease him and he went in.

Here's how the bloggers responded to Hoffa's video.