Battle Rapper HITMAN HOLLA Gets ROBBED . . . For $100K In Jewelry!!! (Video)

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Rapper Hitman Holla was robbed inside a Los Angeles hood. According to reports, the hood stole approximately $100K in jewelry that the St Louis rapper was wearing.

Here's what allegedly happened. Hitman was in California hosting an event. He hired some local California guys to perform as his security. After the gig was over, Hitman decided to go to the HOOD where his security men lived.

When they arrived, the security he hired left him - and he was ROBBED by local thugs. The thugs got away with a diamond Rolex watch and a chain. Some folks are suggesting that the rapper may have been SET UP by his security team.

Here's a video showing local Cali folks commenting on the robbery:

Prior to Hitman Holla's career, he had been involved in several drive by shootings against rival Crips members. After beating 2 murder charges, Holla decided to focus on rap instead of gangbanging. He ends every round with either "Ball game", "yett yett", or both. Hitman's style is notable for his aggressive delivery, and uses of techniques such as remixing his bars.

His family is heavily involved in his battle rap career. His father "Big Gerald" attends many of his battles and even talks trash to his opponents.

His little brother “Showout” can be seen in Hitman’s corner in almost all of his battles. Showout gained attention when he knocked out another battle rapper that went by the name of Bill Collector. The aftermath went viral on WorldStarHipHop.