Battle Rapper Gets Death Threats After Making Fun Of Rivals Daughter!! (Graphic)


A battle rapper is under worldwide fire, for insulting the complexion of his opponent’s daughter during his verse. The little girl he attacked is dark-skinned. 

The now-disgraced battle rapper who made the controversial lyrics is named Georgio Casper and was immediately blasted on Twitter him for his out of bound comment and a sad example of deep colorism still runs in the year 2020.

Now, battle rap is a form of lyrical "jousting: where the opposing rappers are given great leeway in making fun of each other.

And while just about anything goes in battle rap, there are lines that shouldn't be crossed but Georgio in his woeful ignorance didn't get the memo.

Georgio went into detail on how, because his own girlfriend and daughter are lightskin, they’re more desirable and they’ll live a better life.

He went as far as to say that his opponent's daughter looks like him so she’ll have to struggle in life.

Here’s the video:


Almost immediately Twitter came out blasting the disgusting lyrics: