Famed battle rapper, Arsonal De Rebel, visited The Breakfast Club, where he touched on his recent battle with Philly rapper, Cassidy.

During the battle, which took place in Cassidy's hometown of Philadelphia, Cassidy was booed while trying to deliver his bars. At one point, the crowd chanted "3-0" to Arsonal as they grew tired of Cassidy's stale bars, which at some points, were impossible to comprehend.

Things also turned physical when Arsonal grabbed Cassidy and shoved him on stage. But the match was allowed to continue.

It was not the first 'L' Cassidy has taken in recent months.

Cassidy also bombed in his last battle with Goodz, but Arsonal has his own theory as to why the league still rocks with Cass.

"The leagues know they're gonna bank off of Cassidy 'cause he's a delusional character that everybody's like enjoying to watch," Arsonal said. 

"They enjoy watching him get beat up like that. 'Cause before me, he battled my man Goodz, and he tore him up. It's like, they know the fans is gon' watch it. They gon' pay for it. They gon' come to the event. So why not use 'em?" 

You can watch the full battle below: