Remember Sundy Carter from Basketball Wives? She was one of the most over-the-top personalities in the show's history. Well that's all changed.

MTO News has confirmed that Sundy is now an orthodox Muslim - and has completely changed her ways. She prays daily, and now lives a modest life.

Additionally, as an orthodox Muslim woman - she now wears exclusively Islamic clothing, including a hijab to cover her hair.

That's pretty big change from the way we remember Sundy. 

To give you an idea of what she used to be like - this is what she wore to the Premiere of Basketball Wives a few years ago:


And here are pics of the new muslim Sundy Carter:

Sundy is best known as a Basketball Wives: Los Angeles star. She's also worked as an actress, starring in the movies State Property one and two, and Soul Plane.

Sundy is considered a "basketball wife" because she dated NBA player Larry Hughes back in the 2000s.

Exactly one year ago, Sundy Carter filed a police report accusing an acquaintance of hers of drugging her, raping her, and posting the video on social media.

On August 23, 2018 according to The Blast, "Carter went into the Los Angeles Police Department claiming she was having drinks at a hotel bar in Philadelphia back in April with a guy she only knows as "Meechie."

Carter claims she woke up the following morning with "no memory of the night before" and says the alleged assailant videotaped the incident. Sundy addressed the video on social media after a video began circulating of her performing fellatio on an unidentified male. She responded, saying, "Meechie failed to mention that he drugged me as in laced my drink in the lobby & was able to get me to my room. As far as anything besides what you saw didn’t take place & if so release the entire footage!”