Basketball Wives star Sundy Carter made news a few months back, when she embraced fundamental Islam - and began wearing a hijab, a head scarf worn by some female followers of Islam to represent modesty.

Here's what she looked like then:

Well it looks like Sundy has given up on her demure Muslim attire - and returned to her "thot" roots.

Sundy was spotted out this past weekend, wearing a see-through dress. And she appeared to be wearing only a teeny red thong underneath it.


Sundy is best known for appearing on the appearing on the VH1 reality program "Basketball Wives: LA" She was a cast member from the first, through the show's third season. She was previously married to Cedric Carter. She has three daughters: Deja, KK, and Kennedy. 

Sundy is also well known for being the side chick to then married NBA player Larry Hughes. In 2007, Sundy became pregnant with Larry's baby - even though he was still married at the time. The two share a child together. 

Last year The Blast reported that, Carter went into the Los Angeles Police Department claiming she was having drinks at a hotel bar in Philadelphia back in April with a guy she only knows as "Meechie."

Carter claims she woke up the following morning with "no memory of the night before" and says the alleged assailant videotaped the incident.

Earlier this week, Sundy Carter addressed the video on social media after a video began circulating of her performing fellatio on an unidentified male.

She responded, saying, "Meechie failed to mention that he drugged me as in laced my drink in the lobby & was able to get me to my room. As far as anything besides what you saw didn’t take place & if so release the entire footage!”

Carter mentioned she planned on taking further legal action.