Basketball Wives Star SUNDY CARTER Was DRUGGED . . . Leaked 'RAPE TAPE'!! (Graphic)

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Basketball Wives star Sundy Carter is claiming that she was drugged, and that someone leaked a video of her being taken advantage of. Sundy took to social media last night, claiming that a man named Meechie "drugged" her and then allegedly s*xually assaulted her.

According to Sundy, the man allegedly slipped something into her drink - then took advantage of her. Sundy claims that the man took a video of the alleged s*xual assault - and then leaked it online.

The man involved claims that he did NOT drug Sundy. According to him, all he used to get Sundy to sleep with him was "liquor and finesse."

The video has been removed from social media, as it is deemed as a possible criminal assault video. But one image purportedly from the same night was leaked, and still exists on social media.

Here is the image

Here is Sundy claiming thats he was s*xually assaulted.


Hopefully Sundy gets the justice she deserves...

Unfortunately some social media users are claiming to not believe Sundy: