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On last night's episode of Basketball Wives, Evelyn and Feby blasted their rival OG - for allegedly wearing a fake Louis Vuitton blouse.

According to Evelyn, she called her representative at the French company - and was told that OG was posing in fake designer clothes on Instagram. Here's the scene from last night's episode:

Well OG took to Instagram almost immediately after the show aired, to show that Evelyn and Feby were telling lies.

And here's the evidence that she provided:

OG got herself into a world of trouble after she called out Kristen in front of the other women for being fake and phony. In an attempt to stand up for Cece, OG ended up spilling some tea about Kristen’s husband. She let it drop that Thomas, Kristen’s husband isn’t Byron’s real son. When Tami hears the story, she asks, “If Kristen’s not really a Scott, if she a basketball wife?”

As Jackie recounts the fight, Tami is totally flustered. She can’t believe that everyone just let OG get attacked like that.

Tami thinks that Jackie could have stepped up to the plate and told the other women to stop ganging up on OG, but instead, Jackie played both sides. Can you blame her? She did spend the better part of the last few seasons just trying to get back into the group! Does that make her fake?

OG, real name Ogom Chijindu, is not just the girlfriend of a basketball player, she's a sports star herself. For the past 10 years, OG has been playing football for the Legends of Football League — or the LFL. She currently plays for the Los Angeles Temptation team. OG is also from Nigeria originally, but was raised in LA with her large family.

OG's boyfriend is Kwame Alexander, and he's a professional basketball player who plays overseas.