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In the recently aired episode of Basketball Wives, OG was forced to pull out her Chad Ochocinco receipts after Evelyn Lozada tried to claim that she tried to holler at Chad and he was not interested.

Evelyn came with pages of texts which appears to show OG texting away and Chad ignoring her, but all of Chad's texts to her had been deleted, and OG pulled out her phone to prove that the former NBA star contacted her first - and told her that she is "fine."

Check out all of the receipts from last night below:

OG also slammed Evelyn for wanting to be Black:

"Chad wants to be with a Black woman. You're not Black! You can gel your hair down as much as you want. You can say n*gga this, n*gga that… You're not Black!"

She then told producers during her confessional:

"Evelyn has come to Costa Rica with cornrows in her hair, I have sat at dinner tables hearing her use the N-word left and right, and it's disgusting."

Here's OG's full roasting of Ms. Lozada: