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Evelyn Lozada, one of the stars of Basketball Wives, is suing her costar OG Chijindu after she allegedly called her a "racist bigot."

After all her years on the show, we're sure that Evelyn has been called worse, but as viewers know, Evelyn has it in for OG and is dragging her into court over the insult.

Evelyn was accused of being racist by viewers after she referred to their costar Cece Gutierrez  who has Asian features as "Ling Ling." She also wrote a post on Instagram dissing OG, a black woman, - and inserted a picture of an orangutan at the bottom. She also called Jackie Christie, a black woman, a "cockroach."

We think the lawsuit is a copout. Evelyn knows very well that this is what they all do on the show, beef, and throw wild accusations around, and it's what they have done for years. Why did she not sue Tami Roman when Tami accused her of sleeping with Shaunie's ex?

Evelyn and OG need to sit down and talk it out like grown women!