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The first episode of the Basketball Wives reunion is just days away - and MTO News has all the tea on what happened during the explosive taping.

Last month, we broke the news that OG filmed the reunion in a special area - away from the rest of the cast.

Now here's the rest  of the tea.

First, there was the "troubling" conversation about colorism with host Marc Lamont Hill. Marc asked the audience/ladies if they thought there was a colorism issue on the show - after OG brought up the topic. The audience overwhelmingly said "No", but a few very vocal members disagreed with the consensus opinion.

Then OG started breaking it down. According to the reality star, in order to exist in the BASKETBALL WIVES UNIVERSE as a dark skinned woman, you have to be one of the following things: 

1. The person is trying to make their way back into the group ( example: Jennifer) 

2. A lackey (example: Kristen), or

3. The outsider/person who checks everybody & isn't here for the bullshit - OG said she falls into THAT category.

Marc immediately shot down OG's observations, and called OG a "liability." 

OG fired back, questioning the host and asking why she's being singled out and called a liability/aggressive, while others - like Evelyn - get a pass. Instead of answering her question, Marc responded,  "Well, OG didn't you threaten to break Kristen jaw?" 

The reunion then went to Evelyn's use of the "N word."

OG took the lead on this discussion also. The reality star said that - as a black woman - she doesn't like using the word, and doesn't like other people using it around her.

Kristin immediately jumped in and said, "Well OG how do you feel about people who are Pacific Islanders using the word?" OG tried to explain that she would still have an issue. But Kirsten interrupted and said, oh because your FRIEND (Cece) uses it" 

*Cece wasn't there to defend herself*