Last night on Basketball Wives, CeCe was caught talking about her best friend OG behind her back. Kristin, CeCe's former friend, exposed her backstabbing ways, by leaking some of CeCe's old text messages.

This season CeCe and OG have become best friends, and OG has stepped up to defend her BFF, even almost coming to blows on her behalf.

But it turns out that CeCe wasn't as good of a friend as she appeared to be. Just a few months earlier, CeCe texted her THEN friend Kristin - and said the disparaging remarks about OG.

Oh, and Kristin saved the text messages and provided them to show as receipts!

Here is the scene that got people talking:

You would think that after the scene aired last night, CeCe and OG's friendship would be over - but it isn't.

According to one of CeCe's friends, CeCe made those disparaging comments about OG BEFORE they were friends. She explained, "Those comments were from before CeCe and OG became friends. Kristin was just trying to be messy but it won't work."

And it appears that OG forgives her BFF for calling her a "man" way back when. The two pals went on Twitter last night, to show fans that they are still as thick as thieves.

Here's what CeCe sad:

And OG - the person being called "ugly" and a "man" co-signed it.