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Last night's episode of Basketball Wives was one of the most explosive episodes in the show's history.

Evelyn Lozada tried to embarrass her rival, OG, in front of the other cast members by confronting her with direct messages between her and her then husband, Chad Ochocinco.

She printed out and had ready the messages between Chad and OG, thinking that the messages would prove that OG got CURVED by Chad, when she tried to slide in his DMs. Juicy!

Ummm...Unfortunately though, it didn't go as planned. Look:

As soon as OG got confronted with Evelyn's direct messages - she provided some receipts of her own. And OG's receipts show that Chad was chasing after the beautiful brown reality star, while he was still married to Evelyn.

In the text messages, the then married Chad was asking for OG's age, and sending explicit images of himself.

Here are the text messages:


A lot of “Basketball Wives” fans are rallying around OG. They believe she has been unfairly treated. And that’s because multiple castmembers have accused OG of being too aggressive and violent. OG and Cece Guiterrez can’t understand why they don’t feel the same way about Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn has had multiple violent incidents on the show.

But it’s OG’s words that Shaunie and the others can’t get past. Tami Roman thinks this is ridiculous. So she took to Twitter to share her thoughts.