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Basketball Wives star Feby Torres is going viral today, after a screenshot of the reality star wearing an "extra tight" wig hit social media. The screenshot was taken from part 2 of the Basketball Wives reunion - that airs tomorrow.

In the image, the pretty new Basketball "wife" raises her eyebrows and tries to scrunch up her forehead. But the wig is so tight that it doesn't allow her forehead the space to scrunch.

You see a giant crease across her head, where the snug wig was stuck to her head.

Here is the image that's going viral:


Feby, 28, is a reality star best known for having appeared on the 8th season of VH1's reality television series, Basketball Wives. She is also a singer who is known for her popular track "Penny". 

She used to date NBA baller Lance Stephenson and the two share a son and daughter together.