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Cece Gutierrez, 49, from the VH1 hit show Basketball Wives is going viral this morning - for having a cracked iPhone screen.

We know it sounds petty - but CeCe has haters, and they are latching onto any and everything to make the reality star look bad. Today they've chosen to attack the NBA legend Byron Scott's fiancé, for her phone. 

Cece was spotted leaving LA hotspot Delilah's yesterday, carrying around the cracked iPhone X. According to folks on social media, she's been using the same broken phone for more than a week now.

Folks are saying she's "broke" because her phone is cracked.

Here are pics of Cece, carrying the broken phone:


The 49 year old beauty is a former model and reality star. Prior to that she was a registered nurse and worked in a trauma hospital for 10 years. Eventually she decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship and opened her own medical spa, which closed down a few years ago. Now she's working with another spa, and hoping to have better luck with her business this time around.

Last year, season seven had its ebbs and flows, and viewers were introduced to CeCe and Kristen as Malaysia’s tightknit relatives (by marriage/engagement). In the beginning, they got along with each other, but things started to shift when Evelyn and Jennifer questioned everything about CeCe.

By the end of last season, Kristen and CeCe were not on good terms, and Kristen burned a bridge with Byron by implying he’s not a good grandfather. All those ill feelings spilled over into this season, affecting not only the mates of these two women, but all the ladies in the group.

OG and CeCe became close, and Kristen aligned herself with Evelyn and Shaunie. Jackie and Malaysia have been trying to stay neutral, but basically everyone is fighting with someone, including Feby and Jen. Tami made her exit, but she is team OG.